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Communication Session 2023

C eventMonday, 17 June 2024

We have a God who communicates with us constantly.  He shares with us His life, light and love.  As we, (humans and all of creation) are created by the WORD (Jn.1:3), and we are created in the image and likeness of God, we have this inbuilt dynamism of being connected to God, to one another, and to creation.  One can thus think of our communication as communing with God, with oneself, with others, and with the entire universe.  (Sr. Rekha, Opening Message).

25 May 2023 - Auteuil, Paris

Dear Sisters and Friends,

Our session on Communication has come to an end, and we wish to express our deep gratitude to each of you, for allowing us to be part of this unique opportunity of learning, of re-learning, and above all deepening our understanding on how to better serve our Provinces using the different platforms and means modern technology offers us. 

It has been a wonderful, superb experience filled with many different sentiments, from excitement to delight, to frustration to determination and hope.  All throughout we took our inspiration and courage from the opening message of Sr. Rekha:  “Communication is a way of life that constantly reveals our identity or vocation and unfolds itself in mission.” We started the session by sharing our symbols each one expressing the theme “Communication at the service of Communion and Mission”.  These symbols were then put on the “net” attached to our Communication logo.

After these days shared in our community, we feel called to create this network that is capable of communicating life, creating bonds and transforming our way of being. It is necessary that we communicate what makes us Religious of the Assumption with the greatest possible fullness. We need to say a word in the digital world to reach people, especially the young. Our charism has much to contribute to the digital world. 

That is why we want you to be part of this network because communication is a responsibility of each one.  Everyone communicates with gestures, with joy, with our life and witness, etc. We count on all of you, sisters, lay and partners to build together the Assumption culture of communication

We would be very happy to share with you what we have experienced.  You will find attached the Opening Message of Sr. Rekha, and the link to the Communication Website for formation. https://sites.google.com/assumpta.org/tic-ra/home

With all our affection and joyful hope,

Communication Team


24-25 May

Our community of communication is growing day by day. We are journeying in trust and prayer with the whole Church, waiting for the Holy Spirit. Coming from different horizons, we have welcomed the gift of God manifested in each of the participants with her own reality and that of her Province/Region.

The world presents us with a multiplicity of paths. Learning new communication tools opens us up to this world where God sends us and calls us to be witnesses and transmitters of Gospel values.

For our part, we are called to an inner journey, a conversion to discern and discover the immense opportunities that the digital world offers us, as well as to face new challenges and reach out to the new peripheries present on the web. It's never too late to learn! We need perseverance to understand the digital continent so that we can better proclaim the Kingdom of God.


18 - 20 May

Who do we want to reach via the web and who would be interested in us?

Marie Eugenie loved her time with passion. As Religious of the Assumption, we feel the need to immerse ourselves in the digital universe, with vigilance but above all with confidence, to meet young people and anyone who is experiencing this digital revolution in order to make them know and love Jesus Christ!

What will be the image, the word, the color that will be able to attract them or confirm them or even guide them in their search for the meaning of life?  We are called to come out of our isolation to go towards….. more than ever, we will not be able to remain outside this digital universe.  It is a challenge that requires ongoing personal and community formation and the constant discernment that this requires.


15th-17th May

How are we able to share the light we have in us? We have been exploring the roles of communication and how it is the responsibility of each of us. Sr. Rekha shared "in a world immersed in darkness and uncertainty, communication emerges as a powerful tool capable of weaving a thread of hope and renewed dynamism. It is an art that goes beyond words and gestures, transcending barriers and connecting hearts." Good communication is a part of our identity as Sisters of the Assumption - it is our vocation and mission!




From the 15th to the 24th of May, the session of the Communication team will take place in Paris under the theme "Communication at the service of communion and mission". During these days, we will work together to achieve a more effective and coordinated communication, with the aim of improving the dissemination of the actions carried out by the different provinces. We will explore topics such as digital strategies, visual storytelling and social media management. The aim is to strengthen our communication skills and find new ways to connect with the world. In addition, we will use the inspiration provided by Auteuil to foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas among team members. This meeting is a unique opportunity to work together in the same direction and communicate more effectively with the world.