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New foundation in the East Africa Province

N eventWednesday, 07 June 2023

Foundation Day, 30th April of each year, is celebrated all over the world in our Religious of the Assumption communities. In our East Africa Province, the celebration marked the day with the opening of a new community in Maluga, Iguguno Parish. The new community is attached to the Iguguno community. It is twenty kilometers from our Iguguno. The name of the new community is Mother Therese Emmanuel whom we trust will form the sisters in the new foundation. The community consists of Srs. Mary Theresia Mrosso (Superior), Aurelia Mtui, Magdalena Ngonja, Venerablis Urio and Sylvia Mweche (junior).

The day started with the Eucharistic celebration at 11.30am and took place at the entrance area of the house. The main celebrant was Rev. Fr. Thomas Mangi who presented Bishop Edward Mapunda of the Catholic Diocese of Singida, Fr. Antony Msangi, the assistant Parish priest of Iguguno and Fr. Simon Gwanoga, the Parish Priest of Singida Town. Among those invited were Maluga choir where Sr. Magdalena is a member, our immediate neighbours in Maluga,representatives from the Assumption Together in Singida, the dispensary, St. Marie Eugenie primary school and various local leaders. All the r.a communities in Moshi and Singida were well presented to witness the great occasion.  Two postulants on holidays and a novice in her community experience, joined us in the celebration.

The priests, each in his own sharing were grateful for the presence of the sisters in the area is life-giving.The presence of the sisters, their participation in the outstation choir and teaching catechesis in the nearby school has led to the celebration of the Holy Eucharist every Sunday thus an increase of Christians in the Church. Sisters Constansia Maria and Monica Gakobo gave short history on how the r.a landed in Maluga.

Before sharing the meal, Sr. Honorata Maria, the Provincial Superior, thanked the priests, the choir, local leaders, the neighbours and all those who joined the sisters in the opening of the Mother Therese Emmanuel Community in Maluga.