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Perpetual vows - Sister Theonisa - 2020

P eventWednesday, 07 June 2023

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Original: French

A Sister forever!

The profession of Theonisa, prepared for months, planned for June 13, carried out on September 5, feast of St. Teresa of Calcutta: an act, an adventure for life!

D-Day began with a prayer vigil on Friday in the Church of St. Peter.

A time of thanksgiving and blessing.

During that evening, Mary Magdaline offered Theonisa a light while thanking God for the first Assumption Sister from her country, Sri Lanka.

We sang, listened to the reading of Chapter 1 of our Rule of Life, prayed through the use of symbols, reflected on the Gospel of the Good Samaritan through recitative gestures by the Community and some friends. Then together, laying our hands on our Sister, we pronounced words of blessing taken from the same solemn blessing pronounced the next day by the Bishop on the newly professed.

"And now, Father, we pray you: put the fire of the Holy Spirit in the heart of your daughter, so that He may make more ardent the life project He inspired.

May the radiant light of her baptism shine in her life;

May her consecration make her love for You grow.

May nothing ever separate her from Christ, her only Spouse.

May she have an unbounded devotion to the Church, her Mother.

May she be for all a sign of God's love and a witness of the Kingdom to come.”


This Final Profession of Theonisa was really beautiful! Many people were present, through prayer, presence, and the many services that one and others rendered.

The celebration was long (2 hours 45 minutes!) but we did not see the time go by in the midst of songs, dances, symbols from Sri Lanka but also from Madagascar, Ivory Coast, Congo... and France.

Theonisa was borne by an inner grace, strength and joy.

Her parents touched us by their faith and their participation: doing the reading, being at the keyboard, blessing their daughter in the manner of their country.

Affection and simplicity were very palpable. After the vows Rekha and Theonisa fell into each other's arms: a gesture all the more noticeable in the heart of an assembly where everyone was wearing a mask!

The beauty of the songs led by Sr. Laure and the musicians, the gesture of welcome from the Congregation signified by the presentation to Theonisa of a coloured ribbon by each Sister present (there were 50 of us!); the applause of all when Helene assigned Theonisa to ... Bondy!

The reception that followed was just as joyful: joy to meet again, to appreciate the good things brought by our friends from different countries, to dance with the teachers of the school... to discover the solidarity project in favor of Sri Lanka, to deepen or, for some, to discover the Assumption throughout the world with our Sisters Martine and Marie Cécile.

Finally, the meal, abundant and spicy for those who wished it, was enhanced by an animation thanks to friends of Theonisa's youth, her parents and her Community.


We gave her a booklet with the messages, drawings, photos... that Sisters and friends had sent her. She was very touched and grateful. And this will help her now to continue on the path of the Yes of each day, without losing the joy of a fraternal heart.

And the next day, Sunday, we accompanied Remy, Master of Ceremonies at Theonisa's profession, at his priestly ordination.


                              With all our fraternal and grateful affection,

The Community of Bondy