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Throughout their lives, sisters from different countries come together in prayer and mission for a period and Auteuil, the source of charism and mission, is usually the place they come for these sessions.

  • Preparing for perpetual vows. As the name suggests, this session brings together sisters who are preparing to dedicate themselves to God forever, to the Assumption and to the world.
  • Third year. This session is offered to sisters who have between 20-25 years of religious profession or 40-50 years of life, so that, after years of apostolic commitment they can deepen the spirituality of the Assumption and their own vocation. As part of this training, the 30 days of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius are the occasion for a renewed commitment to love in self-giving.
  • Training sessions for sisters who carry out a specific mission in the provinces: such as community superiors, those who train novices or young sisters, bursars, archivists and the communication team. These sessions are mainly to pass on the Assumption's own style for each of these missions. Some of these groups are associated more and more with lay people who are engaged with the sisters.
  • International sessions or congresses that reunite sisters and lay people to deepen and update a specific dimension of our life or mission: liturgy, transformative education...

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