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Saint Mary Eugenie of Jesus is passionate about God and Christ. She believes that the Gospel, lived in real terms can transform society. The immensity of God's love is her only strength.

She recognizes the Incarnation of Jesus Christ as the only expression of love, which expands her own capacity for love: " the world is not big enough for my love". Christ is thus the source and horizon of her life: "My gaze is all on Jesus Christ and on the extension of his Kingdom". With him, she commits herself to the "social kingdom of Christ", which she would like to see worked out in society and in each person.

Her spirituality is broad, rich in the spirit of the Church, which she loves deeply even if she recognizes her limits. Aware of her own weakness, she surrenders herself to God's action by everything she says and does. All aspects of her life are taken up in a movement of worship by which she recognizes that God has the first place. This rootedness in him, leads her to a deep freedom. She gives herself with devotion, in a great "joyful release", an expression of her trust: “whatever the path, if a man walks it with God, God animates his intelligence and makes it creative; man then finds the ability to boldly engage himself on the way of love”.

In Mary, Marie Eugenie contemplates the woman inhabited by God, offering the transforming force of her love.

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