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The educational mission in the Assumption is characterized by a transformative education that always takes place from a context of listening to the needs and concerns of young people, families, the elderly and others, always in the light of the Faith.

-  What transformation are we talking about?

A gradual, personal and integral transformation, a process that is never ending. It allows everyone to be what they are in God's heart "with as much fullness as possible." This transformative process, which affects the individual person and the community, leads people to take an active part in the transformation of society. Its aim is "the extension of the Kingdom of God in itself and in others" (St Marie Eugenie)

-  What is changing us and why?

Our life experience re-read and shared in the light of the Gospel; encounters in a real exchange, that invite us to let ourselves be changed and enriched by the others or by a different culture. Personal training and intellectual research are there to analyze and understand better the issues, and spiritual life and prayer allow the gospel to enlighten our hearts and intelligence.

-  Who are we transforming?

In the first place ourselves! Educators and people, they accompany or educators among themselves, realize that the first transformation is their own. It is a personal journey that sends everyone back to their source of freedom and strengthens the sense of community. Everyone receives from the other and guides the other in their path of transformation.

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