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The General Chapter and the Plenary General Council are corporate organs of government, which are convoked by the Superior General.

The Plenary General Council is made up of the Superior general, her council and the Provincial superiors. The Chapter brings together the Superior general, general Councillors, general Bursar, general Secretary, Provincial superiors and sisters and lay delegates from the 15 provinces.

For these two gatherings, speakers with particular skills may be invited.

This is how our rule of life describes these meetings:

The Plenary General Council aims at strengthening the bonds which unite hearts and minds within the Congregation. In a spirit of discernment it reviews the implementation of the decisions of the General Chapter. It draws the attention of the different provinces to the general good of the Congregation and of its mission, seen in the light of major world problems. Thus it assures the missionary vitality of the Congregation. It is also a place of formation. The Plenary General Council is composed of the Superior General and her Council and of the Provincial Superiors. It is convoked and presided over by the Superior General. It is held two or three times between two General Chapters. Rule of Life 101.

The General Chapter is presided over by the Superior General. In the course of this assembly, attention to the voice of the Lord and the search for his will for the Congregation are intensified. This should allow the Spirit to operate more freely. The whole Congregation is represented at the General Chapter in order to renew its efforts to be faithful and to grow in unity, for the greater glory of God. It takes decisions and establishes directives for the Congregation. It can formulate requests to be presented to the Holy See to modify a point of the Rule of Life. It elects the Superior General and her Council. The General Chapter is held every six years on the date and at the place decided by the General Council. It is convoked by the Superior General. Rule of Life 102

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