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The Archives of the Congregation are an important resource. They are the witness of living history, growing like a tree whose sap passes down the trunk and branches through the ages.

The original collection is important: 12,000 original letters from Marie Eugénie and many others, written or received by the sisters from the beginning. This corpus opens a wide window on 19th century society and on the Church. We can also find the registers, the vow book signed by each sister, the spiritual notebooks and the work on the Constitutions, etc.

The archives of the foundations are a small treasure of history: plans, travel tickets, photos and drawings, official documents, testimonies, letters from the sisters across the world, etc. It is also possible to appreciate the iconographic collection, the work of the first educators, and the different Congregational leaders who succeeded Marie Eugenie. The General Chapters may be studied and also the relations with the other members of the Assumption family.

All these documents allow us to explore the signs of times: the social and political events that have marked the Congregation, the spiritual movements and the different cultures linked to internationality.

The Archives are open to researchers by appointment, and there is a consultation room. The stock records are available online and the team is always happy to welcome people who wish to explore a theme related to the history and spirituality of the Congregation.

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