The Assumption | Sisters

Listening to God and to life, in contemplative and apostolic communities, the Religious of the Assumption continue today to respond to their own vocation in the Church and in the service of the world: "to make Jesus Christ known and loved through their mission by offering education for the transformation of society". St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus.

Personal prayer and liturgy gather their lives around God, infinite Goodness, who created and redeemed us in Christ, the Incarnate Word.

Through meditation and study of the Word of God, by community prayer using the Liturgy of the Hours that punctuate the day, and by the celebration of the Eucharist prolonged in the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, the Sisters recognize and adore God who continues to work in our world. Their prayer becomes praise, thanksgiving and intercession for the world.

In communion with the Church and sent by the Church, sisters and laity share the same educational mission based on the faith and love of the Truth. This mission is being developed in schools, centres of social promotion, young people’s centres and parishes, by adopting the forms and languages of the different cultures of the 33 countries where we are based.

In community every day, the sisters welcome each other, strengthen community life and appreciate the family spirit that nourishes their vocation and trains them as disciples. They aim to pursue common projects, accepting differences, with gratitude and forgiveness.

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