Who we are | Charism

"A contemplative life enlightened by religious studies and the principle of an active life of faith, zeal and freedom of spirit. ": Marie Eugénie describes the life of the Congregation in 1843 in this way. She adds: "I believe that we are called to honour the mystery of the Incarnation and the sacred person of Jesus Christ (...) this is the very thing that dominates our views on education".

The life of the Congregation has its source in prayer and the celebration of the Liturgy of the Divine Office. The sisters allow themselves to be transformed by God who speaks to them in their hearts and calls them to give their lives for Christ, in a movement of adoration and offering, so that the Kingdom of God may grow.

Impelled by the desire to build a fair society, they are committed to ensuring that each person is respected and their dignity recognized. Through their educational mission, they guide young people and adults, participating in their training so that the light of the Gospel may enlighten and guide their way of thinking and acting.

Today, the sisters share their mission with the laity in a missionary openness and in very varied forms: schools, professional training, centers for the advancement of women, student residences, spiritual retreat houses, pastoral care for migrants, dispensaries, work with indigenous populations and commitment to ecology... Like Marie Eugénie, they are convinced that everyone has a mission in the world and can bring transformation and hope.

Their fraternal life, marked from the beginning by joy, simplicity and truth, is the school of love from which they draw their apostolic energy and nourish the deep and broad vision they have on the world.