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The Assumption family is made up of five congregations, which, with their particular charism, live in community the life of Jesus and work for the extension of the Kingdom. The history of this family is marked by mutual help, tensions, joys, difficulties and shared hopes. With the Sisters of the Assumption, there are also

  • The Fathers of the Assumption. They were founded in 1845 by Father Emmanuel d'Alzon, who accompanied Marie Eugenie spiritually and with whom he shared a friendship of more than 40 years.
  • Oblates of the Assumption. Founded in 1865 by Marie Corenson and Father Emmanuel d'Alzon, they responded to a need expressed by Pope Pius IX for the evangelization of the East.
  • Little Sisters of the Assumption. Founded in 1865 by Antoinette Fage and the Assumptionist father Etienne Pernet in France, which was in the process of industrialization, they were created to serve and be close to the most disadvantaged.
  • Orantes of the Assumption. Founded in 1896 by Assumptionist Father François Picard and Isabelle de Clermont-Tonnerre, they dedicated themselves to prayer for the works of the Assumption.

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