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Assumption Together has developed from the desire and decision that sisters and laity should walk together, according to the charism and spirituality of the Assumption. 

The Assumption charism, as many others, is a gift of God for the Church and the world. In living out this charism according to their respective vocations, sisters and laity both enrich it and bring it to life. They wish to live this fruitful experience of being Assumption Together according to their faith and their state of life.

Assumption Together is therefore composed of sisters and laity who wish to be part of the "spiritual family of the Assumption" drinking from the same source and sharing the experience of St Marie Eugénie of Jesus.

With their eyes fixed on Jesus Christ and the extension of his Kingdom , sisters and laity together want to convey the passion they feel for transforming society according the Gospel.

Assumption Together is made up of:                       

  • Our friendships with others
  • The deepening of our spirituality by various groups, and by joining in the prayer of the community
  • A shared mission
  • Our different networks : former pupils and students, AMA etc...
  • Young people and children at present in our schools and their families.
  • New ways of living in community which allow sisters and laity to share life and mission.

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