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In the age of communication everything and everyone communicates, therefore, we must be proactive and plan our message, which is none other than to announce the Kingdom. All of us who make up the Assumption are responsible for communication, which is why it is so important to agree on our image and message.

As educators by vocation, we have the mission to form in this area, at the same time that we are called to use the media also to "transform society from the values of the Gospel".

Today's media also allows us to feel more like the Assumption family, through the exchange of news and the establishment of broader networks of collaboration and exchange of good practices and resources. Networks that are called to expand and enrich themselves with other distant and nearby institutions.

According to the calls of the General Chapter held in Lourdes in 2018, we want to promote the CULTURE OF COMMUNICATION at the service of COMMUNION and MISSION and to CIRCULATE the life and strength of solidarity, ARTICULATING the various fields of animation of the Congregation and the life of the provinces. The priorities are:

  • The renewal and articulation of existing digital platforms and social networks
  • Formation
  • Coordination with other committees

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