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A eventMonday, 17 June 2024
In response to the call of the General Chapter of Lourdes in 2018, the Congregation’s communication team has already been constituted and set in motion. Its main objective is to circulate the sap of information through the great tree of the Assumption.
The new team, consisting of Isabelle Roux, Françoise Martin, Mercedes Méndez, Almudena de la Torre and Linda Plant, met in Auteuil from 10 to 12 September. The only person missing was Sandra Duran - currently visiting the South Atlantic Province - who is specifically responsible for the translation of documents. During these three days of work, the team was able to finalize the plan that hopes to put the media "at the service of COMMUNION and MISSION and to CIRCULATE the life and strength of solidarity, ARTICULATING the various fields of animation of the Congregation and the life of the provinces". 
The chapter outlines out our roadmap :
• The renewal and articulation of digital platforms and social networks.
• The formation of the members of the Assumption family.
• The coordination with the other commissions and secretariats, as well as with those in charge of communication in the different provinces.
Chapter Document Lourdes 2018, 22-23
Hoping that all this will help us to promote the culture of encounter, we count on your collaboration. The life we want to communicate is yours, it is the life of all.