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Echo from the Archives - nº 2

E eventFriday, 08 December 2023

Dear Sisters,It has been six months since the last echo from the Archives and there is so much to share with you !The work of Provincial Archivists. Since the last meeting of the International Team we are in admiration at the work realized in Provinces, almost all have responded to us. Most Provinces have clearly identified a place for the Archives and started to equip them with what is necessary. Some have launched the list of Archives documents and will classify these according to a classification plan that we will send them. Almost everywhere, there is an ongoing reflection on how to conserve traces of contemporary history to serve future generations. A big thank you to all! This has been a big sign of encouragement.Trésors d’Archives Many of you rejoice to receive once in a while the « Tresors d’Archives ». We published 6 this year. The rhythm was a bit irregular as we had to adjust the timing in relation to other projects. You will receive another 6 in 2020, one for every 2 months. The first will reach you in January! Do not hesitate to send your reactions, sharings or commentaries to the Archives address. We can share these in a wider circle and this will enrich our Body-Congregation.Rediscovering Thérèse Emmanuel The Team searched on a better method to help the Congregation to rediscover Mère Thérèse Emmanuel, to reread anew certain extracts of her Notes and perceive their specific riches. After having read, exchanged and worked on these, we decided to publish a « Flash Spirituel Thérèse Emmanuel » every 3 months. Each Flash will consist of :• An extract of her spiritual notes• An analytical reading of this extractune• Contextualization in her life and that of the Congregation• Contextualization and relation with the thinking and experience of the ChurchWhen you receive these, please do not hesitate to give us feedback. Celebrate the past to envisge the present and the future I had the joy to animate a session-retreat for all the sisters of the Province of the United States. It consisted of a contemplative rereading of history from the documents of the Archives. It was a very positive experience. This allowed me to understand by experience the importance of our roots and our history as well as the impact on the present and the future. Knowing the history of a Province, work on it, is to associate with its interior life and I give thanks indeed for these wonderful fraternal moments with each sister of the Province of USA.Having received an invitation outside of the Congregation, I was also able to discover some commuinities of the Province of India. The joy of sharing with our first sisters who were the pioneers of the Assumption in India, reinforced the deep experience I had with the people of India. I give thanks for the hospitality and the thousand smiling faces that accompanied me those days. Moving the Archives… ça déménage !Thanks to the help of three 3e An Sisters, we were able to finish Phase 1 faster than expected! Special thanks to Sr Ethel (Amérique Centrale), Sr Irmine (Afrique de l’Ouest) et Sr Anne Thielen (Europe) for the service rendered for the transfer.In July then, wwe were able to install the office of the Archivist and the room of the intermediary archives (built in one part of the Library). Since October we continued with the preparation of the new Archives Room (in the 2nd floor) airconditioning, dehumidification system, delivery of a locked cupboard, and some shelves. Come January, the migration of documents will begin! Pray for us !Installing a museum on the first floor is the next project… All your ideas are welcome !Soeur Véronique Thiébaut,Archiviste de la Congrégation,et l’équipe Internationale des Archives