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Greetings from Madagascar!

G eventSunday, 25 February 2024

Juliette Ramirez, originally from Spain but now living in France, and Manon Nobile, from France, spent three months on a mission in Madagascar, from 29 December to 27 March 2023, at the Saint Joseph school in Ambohimahasoa. As planned, they taught French from pre-school to Year 12. Each Saturday, they also organised activities with the children. They taught French and Spanish to the aspirants and sisters. We were amazed by their ability to connect with people.

Every day, they shone with joy and love in everything they did. In doing so, they reflected Mother Marie Eugénie's words: "Love never says enough". They emphasised the importance of simple things: taking the time to talk, to listen and to understand each other. It shows just to what extent the human presence contributes to our lives. They also believed that when people have too many material possessions and their day-to-day lives are difficult, human relationships are always there to give them the strength they need every day.

They found it difficult to deal with poverty throughout their mission ; you cannot help everyone. They suggest that the Government should do more to improve the balance of wealth, in order to ease the situation in the country...

Sister Marie Pierrette, AMA referent in Madagascar