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Province of Spain: Sending off of volunteers for our Team

P eventWednesday, 17 July 2024

The end of the school year is at our doorsteps and, like every year, it is the “strong moment” for the AMA. The sending off of volunteers for our Team arrives and for them it means having all the papers in order: vaccines and visas.

This year 2024 there are seven AMAs that we will send from our Province. They can fulfill their desire to share what they have received from others from other countries. Wherever they go they collaborate in various activities, but above all they offer their affection and friendship, which is so needed in our world today.

In January, Iñigo Escribano went to Peten, Guatemala. He has already shared his experience with all of us through the WEB.

Lucía Valverde, who was living in Auteuil, has already gone to Kawangware (Kenya).

Cándida Vivalda, who met us at a retreat at Loyola, is going to Muisne (Ecuador).

Luis Sánchez, a former student of Cuestablanca, and currently engaged in Malaga, is going to the Philippines.

Patricia Franco, a teacher from Vallecas, goes to Rwankuba and Gerardo Seco to Kabuye, both in Rwanda.

Lucía Seco, who contacted us through a family member, is going to Iguguno (Tanzania).

 “You receive more than you give,” is usually the expression of all the volunteers when they return. We wish it to be repeated in Lucía Valverde, Luis, Cándida, Patricia, Gerardo and Lucía Seco! We wish you all a happy and fruitful experience.


 St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus

 The AMA team: Yoli, Carolina and Pilar, r.a.