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15/05 International Day of Families

1 eventMonday, 27 May 2024

In 1995, the World Summit for Social Development held in Copenhagen, recognized the importance of the family as the basic unit of society, and acknowledged that it played a key role in social development and as such should be strengthened, with attention to the rights, capabilities and responsibilities of its members. The Programme of Action of the World Social Summit acknowledged that in different cultural, political and social systems various forms of family exist and that the family was entitled to receive comprehensive protection and support.

This year, on International Day of Families, the United Nations emphasizes the relationship between families and climate change.

Climate change negatively impacts the health and well-being of families through increased pollution, while extreme weather events exacerbated by climate change, such as hurricanes, droughts and floods, often lead to forced displacement and loss of livelihoods for families and individuals. Such events impact agricultural productivity and access to water, intensifying hunger and vulnerability. They cause economic disruption in industries sensitive to climate impacts such as agriculture and fisheries.

Without drastic action, adaptation to and mitigation of the impacts of climate change will become increasingly difficult and costly.

Empowering families through education, changing consumption habits, and advocacy is critical for meaningful and effective climate action. Families pass values across generations, so instilling sustainable habits and climate awareness in families from an early age is important. Integrating circular economy principles into early childhood education can help build a sustainable economic model based on minimizing waste and regenerating natural resources. Families as consumers and advocates can drive the transition to a circular economy.

The 2024 International Day of Families aims to raise awareness of how climate change impacts families and the role families can play in climate action. Through family and community initiatives, we can foster climate action with education, access to information, training and community participation.


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