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60 Years of Educational Passion: A Legacy that Inspires and Transforms

6 eventThursday, 29 February 2024

"60 Years of Educational Passion: A Legacy that Inspires and Transforms"(San Salvador, El Salvador. Province of Central America and Cuba)

60 years ago, on February 13, 1963, an institution was born that has left a deep mark in the Our Lady of Lourdes town, located in San Salvador, El Salvador. From its humble beginnings as "La Asunción," it has been a place where the conviction of Christianizing intelligences has been the power behind its educational work.

Throughout the years, this Institution has been shaped by strong and determined women who have left a deep mark on those who formed it and on the community that surrounds them. The Religious of the Assumption, with a heart full of virtues, have guided generations of lay people in their love for Jesus Christ, the Church and the Virgin Mary. With its gaze fixed on Jesus Christ, the school has woven networks and crossed borders, constantly seeking renewal and dedicating itself with love and freedom to its educational mission.

With affection, the "little school of Lourdes", as it is affectionately known, opens its doors every day with joy and emotion to share her heritage of educating the heart and mind. Mothers and teachers, who have dedicated their lives to this noble cause, have been fundamental in building this solid educational fortress.

In this year of celebration, various meetings have been held that have brought together students, similar endeavors, friends of the institution, founding teachers, the educational community, alumni, as well as parents. It is a moment of convergence, where everything that has marked the path of the school throughout six decades is remembered with joy and nostalgia.

Since its beginnings more than 60 years ago, the beloved school opened its doors under the name "Our Lady of Lourdes Educational Group". With a solemn inauguration chaired by the then President of the Republic, Lieutenant Colonel Julio Rivera, a legacy began that would transcend education and become a symbol of unity and commitment to education.

Over the years, the school has witnessed historical moments, from the Salvadoran civil war to the earthquakes of 1986 and 2001, through the signing of the peace accords. The presence of the venerable Monsignor Óscar Arnulfo Romero, who officiated masses in its facilities, left an indelible mark on the educational community.

Over time, the "Our Lady of Lourdes" Catholic School Center has undergone significant changes in its infrastructure, with the construction of new facilities and spaces to improve the educational experience of its students. The construction of the basketball court and its stands, the chapel, additional classrooms, a fast soccer field, and various improvements have contributed to the excellent educational performance that characterizes the institution today.

Thus, for six decades, the "Our Lady of Lourdes" Catholic School Center has been a beacon of light for the generations of students who have passed through its classrooms. It is a place where lasting friendships have been forged, knowledge has been shared and unforgettable moments have been lived. With the legacy of the past as a guide, this institution continues on its path towards a future full of promise and opportunities for the young minds that will be part of its history.