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A great gift, preparation session for Perpetual Vows

A eventMonday, 27 May 2024

Original: French

The Congregation gave us a great gift: a month's preparation session for Perpetual Vows. At the end of the third week, it is a joy for us to share what we have experienced. It's extraordinary to follow Zoom's trainings! What a joy to make so many discoveries: the House of Mother Marie Eugénie, her human and spiritual experience? We felt her very close to each one of us. Today, we love her more. What a joy also to discover, to understand and to love more the History, the Spirituality and the Charism of our Congregation, thanks to the sessions of Sister Véronique Thiébaut! What a joy to visit the Mother House, the Chapel, the Shrine of Marie Eugénie and to speak to her directly, to discover the richness of the Archives, the beautiful garden...! We are stronger in our identity as Religious of the Assumption called to live the Contemplative dimension in apostolic community to extend the Kingdom of God in our different missions, here, in Madagascar, or elsewhere where we will be sent. Sister Carmen's sharing on the Covenant, gave us the joy of feeling God's love and fidelity; it stimulates us to consecrate our whole life to Him until death, in abandonment and trust. We are convinced that the vows are means that will always strengthen our consecration to God and that we will keep the flame of love alive through the path of interiority and permanent conversion in the footsteps of St. Augustine and St. Mary Eugenie. And we continue our journey...

Sister Marie Charlotte, Sister Philomène, Sister Louisette and Sister Marie Pierrette