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A new foundation in Rwanda

A eventMonday, 27 May 2024

Hello !

This is the youngest child who has just been born after the 2018 chapter, which sends us to the outskirts.

Yes, the community of BERE, Saint Francis of Assisi, the Religious of the Assumption greets you and thanks you very much, all of you who have carried it in your prayers during this time of its evolvement and installation.

Indeed, it is on 18/09/2019 at 5:30 am that we: Sr Bernadette Marie, Sr Marie Claude, Sr Alphonsine Marie, Sr Jeannette Eugénie and Sr Béatrice Thérèse, accompanied by Sr Illuminata Maria, Provincial Superior of the Rwanda-Chad Province, Sr Marie Laetitia of the Atrone II community and a layman-assumption Mr Ndjimaye, in a convoy  of two double vans, we started out on the long journey from Ndjamena to BERE located in the South of the country.

We drove on deteriorated roads, half paved, full of holes hollows and full of mud. Inside the vehicles, we were jumping up and down and were always swaying. You understand how long and exhausting this journey that led us to BERE, in the diocese of Laï, was.

At about 5:30 pm, the driver at last announced that we arrived at destination. Here we are in BERE, where we were expected by the parish priest, Father Evariste and two vicars: Abbé Aimé and Abbé Célestin as well as Sister Aline Emmanuel with her sister Bénédicte who had come 2 days before to prepare for our arrival. Thanks to their warm welcome, we had forgotten the tiredness and were able to recover very quickly.

We went straight to the Mass dedicated to us, which was celebrated by the priest. It was a time for us to be thankful to the Lord who watched over us all along the journey. The next day at 10:00 am, we had a greeting and installation mass celebrated by Bishop Nicola, the administrator of the Diocese of Laï, surrounded by about ten priests who had come from the nearby parishes to welcome us.

During his homily, the administrator invited apostolic workers and all Christians to welcome us into the Church family of God which is Lay. After Thanksgiving, Sr. Illuminata Maria was invited to say a few words to the Assembly. On behalf of the congregation, she presented us to the administrator and the Christians as a response of the congregation to their call; then she announced the arrival of another sister so that the community would be complete. She also spoke about the spirituality and charism of the Assumption; she explained that the Religious of the Assumption live by prayer, community life and by the apostolate. After the final blessing, we did the procession with the Blessed Sacrament to our little chapel; it was the installation of the

Blessed Sacrament and the blessing of our convent. After this prayerful celebration, it was a trip for all of us and the guests to the parish for agape, a fraternal meal.

Thus the Religious of the Assumption are integrated into the Church family of God which is in the diocese of Laï in Tchad.

Dear Sisters and Lay Assumption, it is thanks to your concern, to your prayers that this foundation went well, for which we are grateful. Continue to support us especially through prayer that we may succeed in meeting the expectations of this Church where we sent too.

For the moment we are preparing for the upcoming back-to-school season.

Thank you! Thank you!

The community of Saint Francis of Assisi of BERE