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Celebrating St. Marie Eugenie across countries and continents

C eventWednesday, 17 April 2024

This 17 March 2022, we have been able to realise a dream! After the celebrations of March 10th in each of our schools, where we received again from St. Marie Eugenie passion and inspiration to love our time, we gathered virtually to share something of what is done in each of our countries and schools around this feast, but also how the Assumption Charism is present in all that we do throughout the school year.

At the initiative of Assumption Vallecas, in Madrid, we were present from Mexico (Águilas and Querétaro), Central America-Cuba (Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua) and South Atlantic (Sao Paolo and Itapací).

Here is the intense programme we had:

7:10 am Welcome by Lourdes Canales, in charge of Linking Aguilas (Mexico).7:15 am Prayer animated by the boys from Vallecas, in Madrid, Spain, inviting us to light a candle to enlighten the world. 7:20 am Presentation of Ecuador7:25 am Presentation of Brazil7:30 am Presentation of Spain7:35 am Presentation Querétaro (Mexico)7:40 am Presentation Águilas (Mexico City)7:45 am Presentation Central America-Cuba7:50 am Thanksgiving7:55 am Farewell

It was very intense and very beautiful, we felt like a network of empathy and solidarity that surrounds the planet... "the world is not big enough for our love".Saint Marie Eugenie, thank you for continuing to inspire this passion that transforms our lives and radiates in the small radius of action where we are...

Ana Sentíes, EducationProvince of Mexico