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Commemoration of the Beatification of Mother Marie Eugénie

C eventSunday, 03 December 2023

Hello ! Did you know that today, February 9, we are commemorating the beatification of Marie-Eugénie, foundress of the Religious of the Assumption? In fact, 46 years ago, on February 9, 1975, a colorful crowd, in the colors of the world, gathered in Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome. According to those present that day, it was a mixture of great recollection and greatness. What they came to celebrate was the action of Christ in the life of Marie Eugénie. She herself had said, in 1890, about other saints who were not herself: "It is these great examples that we must put before our eyes to achieve holiness. » (MME, chapitre du 9 novembre 1890)

Watch the full video in which Sister Véronique Thiébaut, Archivist of the Congregation, explains more about this day.