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Commemoration of the martyrdom of Kamen Vitchev, Pavel Djidjov and Josaphat Chichkov

C eventThursday, 29 February 2024

On November 13, we remember the martyrdom of our Assumptionist brothers in Bulgaria: Kamen, Pavel and Josaphat.

We have prepared a picture with the opening prayer of today's liturgy.

As usual, we have also published an article about the celebration on our website and on facebook, but we thought that this might be a simple and direct way of rekindling the communion that we want to live at the Assumption with the brothers and sisters who have gone before us and who are interceding for our mission that his Kingdom may come.

Please distribute them as widely as possible.

Read the article: Bienheureux Kamen, Pavel et Josaphat. – JPIC (jpic-assumpta.org)