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N eventTuesday, 05 March 2024

The Christmas story is stll with us. The Baptism of Jesus revealed the presence of the Holy Spirit in Christ. We move towards a new world in the light of the resurrection.

‘God has revealed a message about the everlasting value of creaton, for the Incarnation marked the re-creation and transformation of all things. Like the Incarnation, the Eucharist is confirmation of the value of the world. The intrinsic value of the bread and wine is to be found in the fact that they are deemed worthy to become the body and blood of Christ. The Eucharist, proclaims Doyle, ‘is one moment in a process of transformation’ and is a reminder that one day Christ will return and that there will be a new world when the whole of creation will be transformed, and taken up into that transformation will be our every effort to build a better world.

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