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Course in view of JPICS 2022: Forming ourselves towards transformation

C eventThursday, 06 October 2022

“I believed that God wants to create by the law of the Gospel and the redemptive action of Christ, a society where no one is oppressed by another, where all live in the freedom won by Jesus Christ.” (Saint Maria Eugenia)


On January 22, 2022, a new formation experience on JPICS was initiated in our Province. In 2021, we as a team that animates this team, carried out a diagnostic process of our JPICS activities through a survey and an interview that gathered valuable information on its strengths and weaknesses. Based on these elements, we designed a formation program that aims to respond to the needs identified in the study. For this reason, we set for ourselves the following objectives:

General objective:  

Offer formation and reflection opportunities that help enrich the experience of a spirituality, a lifestyle and a prophetic commitment on JPICS, so that it allows us to qualify our practice and our mission in this field. 

Specific objectives:  

  • Attain greater coherence between what we believe, what we say and what we do.
  • Strengthen our impact on social transformation through educational processes.
  • Create networks and communities that act on JPICS values.

To reach these objectives, a course was organized which we entitled: "Forming ourselves towards transformation." This course, given on the first Saturday of each month, is made up of four modules and eleven workshops. We have taken as a starting point, the analysis of the JPICS practice of the participants. This practice will be confronted with theoretical elements (Social Doctrine of the Church, the charism of the Assumption) and successful internal and external JPICS experiences, from which we can learn. Finally, creating a new way of proceeding that emerges from this reflective and active process.

Twenty-five participants, lay and Sisters from the different works and communities of our Province, registered. The richness of the group is significant due to the diversity of contexts, experiences, ages, cultures and missions. The sharing of common experiences and reflections strengthens the JPICS texture and unites us around a common thought.

We share the experience of some of the participants:

"Enthusiasm! It is the first word that comes to my mind when I stop to think about what it feels like to participate in the JPICS diploma course. Also, I feel a "desire" to learn and know what we can put into practice within our educational work from the charism of the Assumption. It is an opportunity to seek common lines as a Province and improve what we do. It is magical to be able to know the context of each community and feel like one family. Listening to the stories or seeing the reality of the different works lifts my spirit and encourages me to want to know and learn more.” (Wilma Hernández, Directrice of the María Eugenia Milleret School, Guatemala)

“Participation in the Course is very important to me because of the enrichment generated by the exchanges with other works and communities. Knowing what is being worked on at the JPICS level stimulates us to continue raising awareness and committing ourselves to making our daily life a JPICS experience. On the other hand, it encourages me to continue looking for places where we can commit ourselves in accompanying people who suffer injustice.” (Diana Chavarría, ra, Novitiate Community, El Salvador).

“It is a gift of life and of Saint Marie Eugenie to be able to be part of this challenge and this experience and to be able to share with representatives of the Province. I have had the opportunity to form myself to be a JPICS promoter since 2008 and being on the JPICS Provincial Team today is something I did not dare to dream of. JPICS continues to be a valid proposal to live a lifestyle that responds to the challenges of today's reality.” (Damián Bautista, member of the JPICS Team of the Province).

We place this experience in the hands of God and we hope that it can be a seed that bears fruits of justice and peace for our people!


Alicia Privado, ra

JPICS referent

Province of Central America - Cuba