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India Province: Experience of General Councilors’ Canonical Visit

I eventMonday, 25 September 2023



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Sr. Therese Koottiyaniyil - My understanding of canonical visit

Canonical visit is an important event announced ahead to the communities concerned. Every community waits for the visit in prayer and preparation. The canonical visits are moments of graces for those who wait with faith in the heart. The benefit of visits depends, as far as I belief, on the attitude and mental preparation of every individual. It is a time to review one’s own life- past and present. It provides occasions to evaluate and review our community project. It enables the visitors to know each one of us and our life and our mission in the community.

My personal experience of General Councilors’ canonical visit in Pala

The Pala community had General councilors’ visit from 25 to 27, October 2021. To be honest, the preparatory work before the visit was strenuous and almost everyone was busy with the assignment allotted to her. I thought that it would have been 100 times easier to present the matter on the spot. Nonetheless, I worked hard and every work was done before the actual visit had taken place. Then I eagerly waited for the visit.

The Actual Visit by Sr. Marthe and Sr. Irene (General Councilors)

The actual visit started on 25.10.2021 at.10 a.m. What impressed me the most was my personal encounter with Sr. Marthe. Marthe was so attentive, simple, friendly, approachable, encouraging and appreciative. She was a reference mirror for me. She too shared her personal experiences with me. I found Sr. Marthe very deep, understanding and mature. I thanked God for giving such a wonderful sister to the congregation. It was an experience of inter-culturality.

 The encounter with both Sr. Marthe and Irene, as a community, was memorable too. The community members, one after other, introduced herself and presented her missions in the community. Power points and videos were used to present the matters. Srs. Marthe and Irene listened to our presentations with respect and attention. They were generous in praising us.

My assessment of the General Councillors’ Visit

The visit was a grace-filled moment for the community and to each one of us. It was a moment to review our personal life, our community life, our prayer life and our missions in the community, in the parish and in the society in which we live. The Councillors helped us to see the will of God and to revitalise our religious life and to strengthen our interpersonal relationship in the community. It was a time of grace for living in faith. Both Sr. Marthe and sr. Irene affirmed that the elderly sisters are blessings to the community. Our lay people Assumption together too had quality time with the Srs .Marthe and Irene. Each member came up with one question/Statement/ issues connected to Assumption charism and spirituality and they presented them to the Councilors.




My personal experience of General Councilors’ canonical visit in Tilloli

– Sr. Rashmi

The visit of general councilors was a time of grace. Sr. Sandra and Sr. Isabelle visited our Tilloli community. I was touched by their simplicity and humility. Their capacity to listen and to understand each person and the situation of the community is praiseworthy. The visit helped me to enkindle the fire within me once again to move forward with enthusiasm and hope. It was an opportunity to evaluate my life and a call for personal transformation. It helped me to understand how I am transformed by my community and my mission. Even though the visit was virtual I could feel the presence of our Superior general and councilors with us. It was an experience of family spirit and internationality. 






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