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India Province: In service of the gospel in the way of St. Marie Eugenie

I eventThursday, 29 February 2024

In service of the gospel in the way of St. Marie Eugenie

(Assumption Youth India)


The Assumption Youth group has begun in the year 2017 in Rajodi Community. They are a promising group with tremendous enthusiasm, creativity and commitment. Most of them are students pursuing higher education. They are from four parishes of this diocese. We have a good group of 20 vibrant youth who are a great support for our life and mission here.

They had many training sessions through which they have grown in communion with the Assumption. They enjoyed the time spent together and collaborate with their talents in the various activities of the Assumption sisters especially those in peripheries.

What have been accomplished?

  • Availability and creativity
  • Gained confidence and trust in the Assumption Sisters
  • Developed love to St. Marie Eugenie and their charism
  • Desire to be closer to the Assumption family
  • Personal growth and deeper spiritual growth
  • Freedom and spontaneity
  • Support for the mission with the peripheries


Below are their experiences

Crissele Rodrigues

My experience with assumption is wonderful. Since the time I have joined       in assumption has always been an inspiration to me for social cause. One     of my reasons to be a professional social worker is the inspiration and learning which I have got from St. Marie Eugenie and Assumptions Sisters. I'm happy to be a part of assumption group and work with them.


Samuala D'Monte

Journeying with the Assumption Youth and Jivhalla taught me to walk on the path of “service to man is service to God.”



Prizal Rodrigues

My experience with jivhala has been wonderful, I have learned many things and seen self-growth whilst working for the under privileged.


 Abiya Mascarenhas

I have been working with J.A.S.C for the past 2 years and personally, it has been a great and a wonderful experience. On attending various events happening at j.a.s.c I've learnt a lot and it has helped me to grow and become a better person as an individual.


Jeleena Pereira

I joined Assumption in the year 2019. I remember the first time I went for the meeting. Everyone was so warm and welcoming. There were various programs conducted thereafter to help the needy. Being a part of this youth group gives me so much joy as I am able to contribute something and as this brings me closer to God.


Shayna D'Mello

I was introduced to jivhalla by our college. I enjoyed teaching and conducting different activities for the children. It helped me to build self-confidence within me and to help society.


Alisha Rosario

I am so grateful to be in Assumption youth and work for the betterment of the underprivileged. After I joined the Assumption youth, my perspective towards the people changed in a positive way. From village visits to organizing workshops and camps for the people as well as children, I have grown holistically. I am really thankful for the chance I got through Assumption for helping the people in need. It is an honour to work with the sisters and all the Assumption members.


Terista Corriea

Volunteering at JASC is a huge stress buster and highly therapeutic. Spending time with children makes me relive my childhood. Every fulfilled wish, every gratified child gives me a sense of satisfaction, a feeling of achievement and immense strength to continue to impact lives humbly. I'm grateful to JASC for giving me this opportunity to help me contribute to society.


Rehan Burboz

Being a part of the Assumption youth group has helped me understand the needs of the marginalized and my desire to help and serve them has increased a lot in this process. I am thankful to God for the opportunity to serve others through Exercise of giving.


Daris Lobo

Each of us are called to do good for others, we are truly called to change lives of other people and share whatever we have with them. I joined the Assumption and volunteered at the Jivhalla Assumption Social Centre, Rajodi with the same intention and        enthusiasm. I am happy that in this journey with Jivhalla I realized and experienced the well-being of the migrants and marginalized community living close to us. I was given the opportunity to share my joy with them, to teach and train the children for a better future and to support & stand for their rights. This has been a life changing experience for me and my love and compassion for the society has increased exponentially.


The mentor and guide of Assumption youth group Rajodi- Sr. Deepti RA