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Kawangware community - Nairobi - East Africa Province

K eventThursday, 28 September 2023

Kawangware community has Seven sisters, and six postulants, we decided from the last evaluation of our community project to put more effort in taking care of our environment. Since then, everyone has been doing their level best to meet our desire. Some of the things we decided and are in progress was to keep the rabbits and use them to make manure for our garden as well as in getting the protein. This project has responded very well; we have now about 50 rabbits in total. Rabits  are a good source of protein and manure for farming. We harvest Rabit urine which we use to make pestcide. We came up with the idea of performing 3RS, THAT IS Re - use the garbage, Recycle what possible like water, Reduce the use of various materials like pesticide in the garden, electricity in boiling water among others, to reduce the consumption. The community has chicken where we get eggs and also meat. We rarely buy meat. In the garden we have planted different vegetables of different species and as you know they are a good source of vitamins as well as other nutrients. In the compound we have planted flowers, we use them in the chapel for decoration as well as to beautify the compound and help us to pray.