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A eventThursday, 29 February 2024

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Happy and joyous Easter! We give thanks to the Lord that we can celebrate the Resurrection of His Beloved Son in another way on this day. Even if we cannot go to the Church to celebrate Holy Week and the "Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ" because of the COVID-19 confinement, we have the joy of celebrating them in community. The Church is closed but this does not prevent us from being in communion with Christ who suffered and died on the Cross because we are the "Temple of the living God”. We have organized our programs in community: community activities, prayers, community formation, the "Easter Triduum", the Easter Vigil and the joy of living the Easter Joy by sharing the festive meal of the fraternity. We can also follow the celebration of Holy Week and the "Resurrection of the Lord" by listening to the Catholic radio according to the programme of the diocese directed by the Bishop. Because of the coronavirus, our president gave a delay of three days to travel for those who would like to return to the village. Life is not easy, but one has to live under the grace of God. God is "Love" and He gives the grace to those who believe in Him and put their hope in Him; He is Life and love has the last word. I am sending you some pictures of the community;

Happy Easter and union of prayer!

Sr. Colette r.a.

Welcome Community - Provincial House - Ampitakely