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A look at... the West Africa Province

A eventSunday, 25 February 2024

Impact of the Corona virus on the lives of our people.

First, I would like to point out that our Province has six (06) countries, all of which are in West Africa. Many of them are bordering each other and therefore people come and go for many reasons.

Since the emergence of COVID-19, this highly contagious pandemic has affected all our countries and has many repercussions on all levels. Like other countries, we have closed our borders, banned travel and taken drastic measures to fight this pandemic.

On the economic front

The economy has slowed down since the very first cases of COVID-19 were recorded in our countries. The measures taken to prevent the spread of the disease are seriously affecting the economic sector. The closure of markets, yaars, internal and external borders, and the introduction of curfews inevitably impedes trade. In this sense, the economy is severely affected by the pandemic.

The most difficult thing for our populations is that the confinement, even partial, poses a problem because most of our fellow citizens live from a day to day basis for their survival. They are craftsmen, small traders, farmers etc... Almost all of our states have no means of support and therefore it is very hard. But people remain confident and hope for God's intervention to help us.

On the educational level

The spread of the disease has unfortunately led to the closure of schools until further notice. As a result, school programmes are not completed, examination dates are postponed to unknown dates, assessments are suspended. In short, the entire education system is shut down. This is not without consequences for the forthcoming exams.

In the area of health

In most of our countries, the health system leaves something to be desired, but since the pandemic, our states have been organizing themselves to find solutions. Here in Burkina Faso, for example, solidarity has been concrete, several companies and enterprises are offering the state money and equipment to help hospitals and those who care for those sick with the virus, and this is a solidarity that we add to. Governments have announced some measures to reduce electricity and water costs, but it is mainly food that people need. If our countries organise themselves, they can find effective solutions against this virus.

At the level of our communities, we maintain the joy of living, because Christ is the victor over death. Holy Week will have a special taste of "death-resurrection". In our confinement, our prayers become more insistent and the days of adoration do us good.

Sister Marie-Madeleine A. RAProvincial Communication TeamWest Africa