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Magne Pater Augustinus

M eventTuesday, 30 May 2023

Magne Pater Augustinus. Augustine is so great, has had such profound influence on the Catholic Church and the spirituality of the Latin Church that we are perhaps unaware of how much we owe him. It is our heritage and it is good to be able to go back to the beginnings to dialogue with our ancestors, as the Africans would say.

Perhaps understanding Augustine better will help us to understand ourselves better, our culture and the moment in history that we are presently living. We might hope to treat in a creative way those precious elements of our heritage that we esteem and not only want to live more deeply today but also to foster for the future.

We are going to celebrate the conversion of St. Augustine. You are familiar with the story. The “tolle lege” and “Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ”… in the garden.

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