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Meeting of the Councils of Europe in Auteuil

M eventSunday, 03 December 2023

On 11, 12 and 13 July, the sisters of the Councils of Europe met together.

In a climate of discernment and mutual support for all that we have experienced, we were able to review our Continental journey, marked by fraternal relationships of great trust.

We shared the canonical visit to our provinces of Rekha and the General Councillors, welcoming the blessings and challenges they indicated to us.

We exchanged on initial formation and the desirability of a Continental Team for reflection and mutual enrichment.

Welcoming the wishes of the different teams of sisters, we approved the meetings that will help to continue to make this continental journey alive.

It helped us to be close to St. Marie Eugenie and to be accompanied by Isabelle and Marthe on the last morning.

These were very fraternal days and we did not miss a pleasant walk on the banks of the Seine River.