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182nd Foundation Day

1 eventFriday, 12 July 2024

RELIGIOUS OF THE ASSUMPTION - April 30, 2021 - 182nd Foundation Day

Dear Sisters and Friends,

As today we celebrate the anniversary of our foundation, let us renew our faith-filled trust in Jesus Christ, the foundation stone of our life!

In the midst of uncertainties, doubts and fear in these times of pandemic, let us hold fast to the faith of our Founding Mothers. "The whole spirit of the Assumption leads to a joyful detachment from earthly things to a disposition to rise above sorrows and difficulties, without dwelling on complaints, without wasting time on them."

Chapter of May 19, 1878 St. Marie Eugenie.

One with all of you in bringing the message of hope in our Risen Lord.

Rekha, Sandra, Marthe, Isabelle, and Irene




On April 30, 1839, Mother Marie Eugénie and Mother Marie Augustine settled in a small apartment on rue Férou, near the church of Saint Sulpice in Paris, and here the Congregation of the Religious of the Assumption was founded. A young Irish woman, Mother Thérèse Emmanuel (Kate O'Neill) joined them in August as they spent the summer in Meudon, and she was followed by Mother Marie-Thérèse.