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Province of France: "A day with the sisters" in Orleans

P eventThursday, 29 February 2024

On 5 March, the Orleans community welcomed a small group of secondary school students for the day. Inspired by the formula of "24 hours with the sisters" lived for years with the communities of Bondy and Pavillons-sous-bois, our proposal was modest, within the limits of our strength... But the joy was the same to welcome these moments of freshness that are the meetings with the children!

After a few games to get to know each other and discover our commonalities, we visited the house and shared the community services. This led to an excellent fruit salad prepared under the watchful eye of Ghislaine and Monique. The Province's website helped us to present "the day of a sister" and the stages of religious life in a playful way. As on every Saturday, we celebrated the mid-day office and the Eucharist, especially animated by the children's singing. The meal was a moment of joy: "What amazed me was that the sisters eat really good things! The Spaghetti Bolognese was a great success, indeed!

But the long-awaited moment of the big game was about to begin, as soon as the "old-fashioned" dishes were finished: a treasure hunt in the neighbourhood around the house, to discover Marie-Eugénie's quotes. Pauline, despite her sprain and crutches, was not left out. Riding a bicycle, she was able to take part in all the events! Deciphering messages... Sporting events and a fancy dress competition! For Ana and Maxime, it was the best moment of the day! Back to calm after the snack, with a craft workshop, particularly appreciated by Pauline and Clara "to make a prayer box". Once this portable prayer box was finished, everyone went to present it to the Lord in the chapel, alone, in silence, in a moment of adoration.

At 6.30pm we were ready to welcome the parents, with the children showing them how to find their way through the psalter for Vespers. What would you like to say to God at the end of this day? "Thank you!" "Thank you for letting us know more things" "Thank you for this wonderful day with the sisters! Maxime is preparing for his baptism.


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