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Province of France: Birth of the Assumption National "Sustainable Development" Commission

P eventSaturday, 02 December 2023

Birth of the Assumption National "Sustainable Development" Commission

A few years ago, an eco-responsible commission was created at the Saint-Ambroise high school in Chambéry. Created by a group of volunteer students and supported by the school, it has set up eco-responsible projects throughout the school: recycling of food waste from the canteen, creation of an eco-responsible snack bar with a system of deposits and tote-bags, and awareness-raising activities among the students. These actions are part of the sustainable development education process that has been developed for many years within the school, in order to make everyone aware of the challenges of the contemporary world in order to reconcile society, culture, the economy and environmental protection.

Last year the project took on a whole new dimension: from the discussions and exchanges between the ambitious and convinced members of the eco-responsible commission, the idea was born to extend their actions beyond the walls of the Saint-Ambroise High School. The students imagined a commission for all the establishments of the Religious of the Assumption. This new commission consists of setting up a sustainable collaboration within the Assumption network, with the aim of interacting on environmental themes, of bringing to life the Apostolic Assumption project and transformative education, of learning and being inspired by the eco-citizen initiatives of others, or of allowing the creation of an eco-responsible commission in establishments that do not yet have one...

Thus, on November 18, 2022, in Lyon, the Assumption National Commission for Sustainable Development was born. The representatives of the colleges and high schools of the Assumption France network had their first time to reflect together, first on the statutes, but also on the projects to be implemented in their schools.

Thank you to them for their presence and their commitment!

We will meet every last Friday of the month, during the lunch break, by videoconference to move the projects forward, and several face-to-face days throughout the year, including one with the Assumption France educational communities forum on March 30, 2023.

Testimony of Marie, a student at the Lycée St Ambroise in Chambéry, an eco-delegate at the CNDDA:

"This day was a great human experience: meeting other students from different Assumption establishments was enriching. Moreover, as we were driven by the same desire to create the CNDDA, we quickly became friends. I expect this council to be able to apply the ecological measures that have been successful in other schools to the entire Assumption network. It should also enable us to maintain a mutual link in order to give each other advice or ideas for projects to be carried out. Finally, I would like to see membership of the CNDDA enable all Assumption students to develop an ecological awareness. Just as it is for other values within the Assumption network.