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Province of France: Schoolchildren committed to fighting against bullying

P eventSunday, 03 December 2023

In France, 6 to 10% of pupils are said to be victims of some form of harassment and 1/4 of secondary school pupils have been victims of cyberbullying.[1]

We have therefore been working for several years to support the various players in our schools in dealing with this problem. Following a training course offered by the network, Bertrand Segretain, CPE at Bellevue Assomption College in Lyon, embarked on a rather crazy project.

Since September, he and Florence Albert (EVS) have been guiding the 10 students of the Students’ Office (Bureau Des Elèves) who have imagined, written and staged a fictional harassment trial. Their work was praised on 20 May by over 150 people!

The Senator of the Rhône who chaired the evening, a lawyer by profession, congratulated them. "Amazing, there is no procedural error in the investigation of the case, your work is just remarkable!" The Public Prosecutor Jean-Olivier VIOUT also noted the incredible progress made by our schoolchildren. He collaborated on this work with the association "A 180° - Chagrin scolaire" and a jurist (former student) from the victim support association LE MAS.

This project, filmed, will become a pedagogical tool of prevention for the classes next year but also for the whole educational community.

Invited on 30 May to the UN Palace to celebrate the Blue Helmets Day, our young Soldiers of Peace met a Ukrainian delegation with whom they were able to make friends.

In Lyon, as elsewhere, we are proud of our young people who are committed to making the world a better place.


[1] Parliamentary information report of 22 September 2021