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Province of Madagascar: Session with Sister Veronique Thiébaut

P eventWednesday, 07 June 2023

In August 2022, we had the session on the Charism of the Assumption with Sister Véronique Thiébaut. It was an opportunity for us to learn more about our identity, especially the Charism of the Assumption. It was a strong time where we lived communion, sharing and listening. Sr. Veronique led us to the sources by looking at the journey of Marie Eugénie from her baptism to her death. In walking her path, we are convinced that our Charism comes from the Human, Spiritual and contextual experience of Marie Eugenie. In her experience, we felt her burning Faith, her courage and her trust in God. We also admired her love for the Church, her intelligence and her vision for the Congregation. We understood our Charism, so each group showed it in a symbol. And it was interesting because each one had its own way of presenting it, but everyone found that the Centre is Jesus and the three poles are linked: Prayer Life, Community Life and Apostolic Life. All this helps us to really live our identity. The different sharing that the groups did helped us to enrich our knowledge. The personal time allowed us to re-read our lives.

The session allowed us to discover our identity and to strengthen the relationship between us and towards others. Now we have understood the importance of our existence and our mission.

So, we express our gratitude to Sr. Veronique, for her availability, her simplicity while she was here in Madagascar.

We hope that everything she did will give us much fruit where we are.