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Province of Mexico: Abba Father, Yes

P eventWednesday, 07 June 2023

We want to share with you the great joy of our Province of Mexico which celebrates this year the presence of a great missionary among us, Brigitte Bernadette Marie Coulon Rocques, better known as Mother Brigitte. She here shares with us what this time of total dedication among us means.

 " For me, these 50 years are written in our Rule of Life, number 86: ‘The missionary character of the Congregation is a grace. Some sisters have received from God a particular call to leave their country, their land, their family, to love and serve the Church in another country’.”

 Yes, I left my homeland, my family, my culture and I found a richness here. Throughout these years I have been able to incarnate myself in the culture, as well as in the language and all the beautiful things that can be found in Mexico, enjoying the warmth and closeness of the people. Above all, their great faith and their great affection for the Virgin of Guadalupe have become part of me. Mexico has definitely transformed me in all aspects of my life.

Today I can say that, like MME, I "live as fully as possible" my being a missionary.


Here are two testimonies that represent the feelings of so many people who have shared life with her throughout these 50 years in Mexico.


"There are special dates that not only mark the life of a person, but are dates on which a new life, a new project or a new mission begins. This is what happened in Carrasco on the 17th of August 1971, the day on which a Sister of the Assumption decided to begin to paint our community purple, with countless dreams, hope and a great desire to extend the Kingdom.

Yes, we all know her, that Sister, who is passionate about education, full of wisdom in each of her messages, with a purple heart who always teaches us through her experience and the Gospel.

 Mother Brigitte, today I give thanks for your life, your vocation and for these 50 years of religious life that you are celebrating in our country, because we know that Mexico is your home, a place where you have left your mark on hundreds of hearts, generations and communities in which you have left a legacy of the Assumptionist charism.

 Thank you very much, Mother, for walking with us and for making present the life and work of our Foundress, Marie Eugenie, who undoubtedly lives through you. That dream of transforming society is a reality because you are here".

 Alejandra Conde


"Thank you, Brigitte. It is difficult to sum up in a few words what your presence in Mexico has meant these 50 years. But, the love, the joy, the wisdom, the simplicity and the tenacity with which you have accepted the mission are a real fortune. Personally, I have had the opportunity, as a member of Assumption Together, to experience this and to get to know you more closely in this last decade and I admire the way in which you bring so many families closer to God, teach us to commit ourselves to the charism and to work for the kingdom.

Arturo Cerón.


It is with great gratitude and joy that we celebrate the missionary life of Brigitte in our Province of Mexico, knowing that she will, through her witnessing, attract other Sisters and lay people who wish to come and enrich our Province as she has done and is still doing.