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St. Augustine, father in the faith

S eventMonday, 17 June 2024

On the feast of St. Augustine we propose to know better this great figure of the Latin Church, from the hand of Pope Benedict, who dedicated five general audiences to explain his figure. As he himself affirms, St. Augustine is "a man of passion and faith, of the highest intelligence and tireless in his pastoral care, a great Saint and Doctor of the Church is often known, at least by hearsay, even by those who ignore Christianity or who are not familiar with it, because he left a very deep mark on the cultural life of the West and on the whole world. Because of his special importance St Augustine's influence was widespread".

1 - Life

2 - The last years and death

3 - The harmony between faith and reason

4 - The written works

5 - Conversions

 We also invite you to reread the letter written to us by Sister Claire Teresa on 20 April 1986.