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The Assumption Youth Group and their Experience of Diwali Camp

T eventThursday, 29 February 2024


“My gaze is fixed on Jesus Christ and the extension of His Kingdom” St.Marie Eugenie

The congregation of the Assumption Sisters was founded by St. Marie Eugenie in 1839. They came to India in the year 1968. Inspired by St. Marie Eugenie, a woman of great faith and action, the Assumption Sisters have devoted their lives for the extension of God’s Kingdom by gazing their gaze on Jesus Christ and in this way, contributing to the empowerment and development of the most under-privileged sections of the society all over India. They aim at the integral development of persons and society through transformative education.

The Jivhalla Assumption Social Centre (JASC) was established in the year 2006 in Rajodi, Vasai. It aims at the education and empowerment of Dalit and the migrated tribes of Vasai Taluka, who in the peripheries. JASC conducts several developmental programs for the dalits and tribals such as: Personality development, Group development, Awareness on Health & Hygiene, HIV & AIDS Awareness, women’s skill training, flood relief camp, medical camp, SHG organization and awareness, Account writing and training, supplementary classes for poor children, Summer camp, Computer classes, Tailoring, environmental care and various other extra-curricular activities. The JASC works mainly with women, children and youth. 

The Assumption Youth Group was formed in 2017 in Rajodi. It is a group of 15-20 youth who are actively involved in the various activities of JASC. The youth actively participate & organize various programs for empowering and educating women, youth and children. Being a part of the Assumption Youth Group, the youth have learned a lot of values and have grown from within. They have developed a sense of belonging towards JASC as well as the rural children and women. The youth have also developed their management and organization skills. Now they are able to pull off programs like the Diwali camp without much involvement and help of the sisters. The youth now find joy and peace in working for the needy instead of considering it just as an obligation. Now they empathize instead of sympathizing.  

The Diwali Camp is organized by the Assumption Youth along with the sisters for the rural children every year during the Diwali Vacation. The Theme for this Year’s Camp was “Care for Our Home”. The Camp was scheduled for three days i.e. 20th, 22nd & 24th October respectively. On the first day of the Camp, the Director of JASC Sr. Deepti along with the volunteers went to the padas to fetch the children from villages. The inaugural ceremony commenced at 10:30 am in the Presence of Fr. Joe D’Mello, Sr. Deepti, Sr. Sherly, the Assumption Youth and 122 Children. The children were engaged in various activities such as Action songs, Drawing, Coloring & various fun Games. They were given inputs on Importance of Goals, good values of life, being disciplined students, Environmental protection, care for our common home, cleanliness, etc. The children were also made aware on mental illnesses, addiction, reckless driving, effects of media and the methods to tackle depression.  The children had a very pleasant time where they profited great lessons for their lives. They carried with them a lot of good values and memories from the camp. This camp helped the children to develop their knowledge, values and confidence. Also it developed their personality and group strength. It was a very inspiring, challenging, educative, empowering and fun filled program for the children as well as the Assumption youth. Bravo to the Assumption Youth and the Assumption Sisters.

Sr.Deepti, India