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The Environment Club

T eventWednesday, 10 August 2022

The Environment Club of the Sainte Monique high school in Koudougou has highlighted the 11th of December 2020, which represents the country's Independence Day, by an ecological outing to the agro-ecological centre of the Association to promote sustainable agriculture (APAD) in Réo.

The activity's objective was for people to discover the importance of agro-ecology in the development and preservation of the Earth. By taking a guided tour of this centre, which is a complex integrating livestock breeding and organic agriculture, and by having a detailed interview with the manager, we have acknowledged our deep ignorance of the life of the one that nourishes us, the Earth our Mother.

Therefore, we saw and understood the importance of the use of compost versus chemical fertilizers, of preserving animal and plant diversity, of local species,  the essential role of trees in agriculture, the use of bio pesticides instead of chemical pesticides, the combination of the agriculture and the animal breeding,  just to mention some of them.

The head of the centre, Mr. SAM, a disciple of the famous agroecologist Pierre Rabhi, shared his personal experience and has convinced us that a return to the soil in passing on his knowledge and respect for the diversity of his life would be the way to regain food, economic and political sovereignty for all mankind, basically the dignity of human beings without compromising the future generations.

OUEDROGO W. Maxime, teacher of philosophy as well as human and religious education, head of the environment club