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The tradition of the dead in Mexico

T eventTuesday, 29 November 2022

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In Mexico every year the ofrendas or altars to the deceased allow us to remember our ancestors, giving thanks for their life and works.

In homes, schools, churches and cemeteries, tables adorned with flowers and the objects that the deceased used to use, or the food they liked to eat, decorate the ofrenda with which we remember them, with the firm hope that they are alive and present in our journey.

In the School of Querétaro this year we have commemorated sisters and family members who have left us a testimony of being artisans of peace.

We have also commemorated those who have died unjustly, for example in feminicides. In this way, the students have become aware of the urgency of working for justice and the dignity of every person, especially women.

This tradition allows us to turn our gaze towards the sky and look at life with gratitude, learning to "see in others and events what will remain for eternity". 


Ana Sentíes RA

Querétaro Community