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They were seekers after God

T eventThursday, 22 February 2024

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The Magi travel towards Bethlehem.  Their pilgrimage speaks also to us, who are called to journey towards Jesus, for he is the North Star that lights up the sky of life and guides our steps towards true joy.  Yet where did the Magi’s pilgrimage to encounter Jesus begin?  What made these men of the East set out on their journey?

They had excellent reasons not to depart.  They were wise men and astrologers, famous and wealthy.  Having attained sufficient cultural, social and economic security, they could have remained content with what they already knew and possessed.  Instead, they let themselves be unsettled by a question and by a sign: “Where is he who has been born king of the Jews?  For we have seen his star…” (Mt 2:2).  They did not allow their hearts to retreat into the caves of gloom and apathy; they longed to see the light.  They were not content to plod through life, but yearned for new and greater horizons.  Their eyes were not fixed here below; they were windows open to the heavens.  As Benedict XVI said, the Magi were “men with a restless heart…  They were filled with expectation, not satisfied with their secure income and their respectable place in society…  They were seekers after God” (Homily, 6 January 2013).

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