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VIVAT: Celebrating 20 years of life

V eventThursday, 07 December 2023

The Assumption has been part of this NGO for many years now and that is why we can and should celebrate this anniversary as our own and with thanksgiving on our lips for all the men and women who, through the action of VIVAT, see their rights recognized and less violated.


VIVAT International is celebrating 20 years of fighting for the Human Rights of those who are least respected, with the desire that as the Master said, “all may have life and have it in abundance” (Jn. 10:10) and as expressed by the term vivat.

VIVAT is committed to sustain LIFE in capital letters.  A life that is full, free and joyful.  A life for all, for the whole of creation.  It is for that reason and purpose that it works.  When Human Rights are violated in so many situations of war, poverty and exploitation, there is no life there. That is where it (VIVAT) wishes to be and to influence.

There are 12 Religious Congregations involved in VIVAT International.  We know that these problems we face, coming from the GREAT PROBLEM which the economic and exploitative social system constitute, cannot be solved easily not even by individual actions in themselves because of their being short ranged.  We sometimes feel like David before Goliath.  That is why we work together. This is the time to join forces, to overcome barriers of any kind, to seek what unites us. In our case, the passion for the Gospel, Good News in the first place for the poorest, because they are the ones who need it most.

It is gratifying to know that we are not alone in such an endeavour. There are more persons, more organizations that share this ideal of LIFE FOR ALL AND LIFE IN ABUNDANCE.

The United Nations is a good place to meet and share with these other companions on our journey. We seek to work together with the United Nations as well as with other agencies and NGOs to promote a model of sustainable development, moving towards a society of dialogue, acceptance and understanding between diverse cultures, religions and beliefs.  

VIVAT International upholds the commitments of the United Nations to human dignity and the rights of all.  It has consultative status in the United Nations.

To carry out this mission, VIVAT has two offices that ensure its presence in the United Nations forums, one in New York and the other in Geneva.

The Congregations that are members of VIVAT are also linked with the national branches/groups.  In this way they carry out political advocacy work.


VIVAT International Spain

It was born in 2016 after a workshop in Madrid in October 2015.  This workshop brought together the member Congregations of VIVAT present in Spain.

From that time on, we have been working for Human Rights, being attentive to the realities in our missionary work more specifically with the immigrants in our country.  Among other actions we have participated in the setting up of the UPR (Universal Periodic Review) with the aim of improving the situation of Human Rights in Spain. In view of this end, we have proposed some recommendations that have a lot to do with the situation of immigrants in our country.  It is scandalous that, for a simple administrative mistake like not having documents in order, a person is imprisoned as if he/she had committed a crime.  And it is much more unjust and scandalous when, to the deprivation of freedom, is added maltreatment because of lack of medical care, legal assistance, isolation.

We wanted to denounce this situation and after a period of investigation and collecting testimonies from those who have personally suffered from these, we have sent our report to Geneva.