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Work begins on the Museum

W eventThursday, 07 December 2023

What's going on on the first floor, in the former Archives room? Since 6 September, everything seems to be in motion! And a cloud of dust has been passing under the door all day long, spreading out into the corridor! A dream is becoming reality: after the validation phase of the two projects (indoor museum and garden, place of remembrance) in May-July 2021, work on the museum has begun.

Scaffolding to reach the ceiling, a floor covered with a protective canvas, furniture packed to avoid dust attacks, moving objects and souvenirs into the intermediate archives... The first days of September were filled with practical preparations that prepared hearts to welcome the transformation of this space.

What does the work involve? The aim is to give the hall a new and modern look while preserving its historical charm. Indeed, this hall was the first chapel of the Petit Couvent d'Auteuil. The first phase of the work consists of preparing the electrical fittings: lighting, electrical sockets, internet connection, and the installation of a screen to broadcast videos.

Then it will be the turn of the painters who will line certain partitions and give the room its new look. We have already designed the furnishings: exhibition furniture made to measure so that our "treasures" of the Congregation are accessible to visitors.

Conscious of being heirs to a beautiful history and a charisma-gift for our time, we want this museum to be a space of memory, information and creativity. Let us be animated by the conviction that there is always something new to discover in our history.

Sr Véronique Thiébaut, Archivist of the Congregation

9 September 2021