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A eventSaturday, 02 December 2023

“Let us all rejoice that our loving Creator sustains our humble efforts to care for the earth, which is also God’s home where his Word “became flesh and lived among us” (Jn 1:14) and which is constantly being renewed by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.” Pope Francis. [1] World day of prayer for the care of creation 2020. No 5 A time to Rejoice

Original: Spanish

It is time to rejoice!

Because joy is paschal,

it springs up from the contemplation of the empty tomb,

from the certainty of the final triumph of LIFE in the face of projects of domination and death.

It is time to rejoice!

Because our hope is endless and active,

it is formed by the humble and committed participation

in God’s creative work;

in the work of reconstruction of our common home.


It is time to rejoice!

Living a radical surrender to God

and the constant search for His glory,

offering all our gifts

for the building up of a truly humane community,

just, peaceful, caring,

from a simple and sustainable lifestyle.


It is time to rejoice!

Because we want to live in joyful detachment

and look at history “as God”, according to His love,

a contemplative love that makes us see each other as brothers and sisters,

that brings us to a deep sorority and fraternity with creation,

to the delicateness of caring for and respecting everything that has life.


It is time to rejoice!

Because God’s Project

is freedom for the oppressed,

And, united as one family, we can be signs of the presence of Jesus,

God incarnate in our History, God Liberator.


It is time to rejoice!

With the recreating strength of His Spirit,

we can collaborate to make of this earth

a place where there will no longer be cries of pain and suffering,

we can make of this earth a place of glory for God.

It is time to rejoice!


Alicia Privado r.a

JPICS Province of  Central América-Cuba