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Chapter - 10 march 2023

C eventMonday, 27 May 2024


Very dear Sisters and Friends:

I wish you all a very happy Feast of Saint Marie Eugenie!

As we commemorate Marie Eugenie’s 125th death anniversary this year, we have a golden opportunity to deepen her spirituality and renew ourselves. I invite you to reflect with me on her words – “My gaze is fixed on Jesus Christ and the extension of His Kingdom” – Since we have chosen them as an inspiration for the General Chapter 2024. I believe these words reveal the Assumption way of being and doing. They embody values, virtues, and attitudes that define our life and mission, often taken-for-granted stance towards ourselves, our ministries, and our common life in communities and families. For Saint Marie Eugenie, the Assumption is a mystery of transformation, of the victory over evil and death, of communion with God. It is all about a joyful detachment, which implies a “continual work of renewal.”[1]

[1] Saint Marie Eugenie, April 16, 1871 – “The Resurrection”.


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