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Towards a Synodal Way of Life - Chapter – 10 March 2022

T eventTuesday, 05 March 2024


Very dear Sisters and Friends:I wish you a very happy Feast of Saint Marie Eugenie!I consider it a special grace to celebrate the feast of Saint Marie Eugenie together with the community of the General Plenary Council in Madrid.Reflections on synodality take precedence over other things in the deliberations of the Church today. Saint Marie Eugenie desired that we have a special place in our hearts for the concerns of the Church. In her own words: "For us, this spirit of zeal must manifest itself in a labour of love for our Lord, of devotion and zeal for souls, since we are consecrated to their service, and in that filial love for the holy Church which will make everything that pertains to the Church, everything that touches it, everything that interests it, everything that concerns it be for us the object of a thought, a desire, a prayer, the reason of a continual and very constant preoccupation.” 1 It is in line with this dream of St Marie Eugenie that we celebrate her feast this year by reflecting on a synodal way of life in the Church and in the Assumption.

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