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Concluding Assembly during the visit of the General Council to the Ecuador-Mexico Province

C eventMonday, 27 May 2024

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Concluding Assembly during the visit of the General Council to the Ecuador-Mexico Province, in a context of building our new reality

We have lived several weeks of grace because of the visit of our Sisters Rekha, Sandra and Isabelle to our Province. 

Something very special about this visit was that it took place for two months in a context of "exchange and immersion experiences" in both countries for some of us.  This strengthened further the deep sense of communion experienced during these weeks.

The visit began with the Communities in Ecuador while everyone, in prayer, were united with the local reality.  They arrived in Mexico at the end of November, and continued the rounds, feeling the missionary spirit of our presence in the different latitudes of these two countries: from the coast of Guayaquil and the island of Muisne, passing through the mountains of Quito and Zumbahuayco, to culminate with the Communities located in Mexico: Puebla, Carrasco and then up towards the Bajío to Querétaro and León; ending in the school of Aguilas.

We had been sent mainly for a mission of education through schools in all these places, but also for youth and vocation ministry, catechesis and parish ministry, and care through a house of welcome and through retreats.

The visit ended in Mexico with a beautiful assembly and a "hybrid" PPC, in which we were all able to participate.


Among the blessings that the General Council gathered were: 

- A simple lifestyle close to the people, lived with great passion for the Kingdom

- A love for Marie Eugenie and the Assumption spirituality that makes us - lay and religious - creative in formation and in collaboration for a lively and dynamic transformative education

- Spaces of commitment to the poorest and most marginalized

- A beautiful synodal process to become one Province.




We were also invited to continue to explore, with the laity, new ways of collaboration and of being Assumption Together: mission and spirituality.

In a world fragmented by conflicts, and where communication through networks is often vertiginous and superficial, to continue to grow in a communication that is a source of communion and evangelical relationships.

Continue to strengthen youth and vocation ministry in our educational and pastoral works.

Continue to consolidate the restructuring that implies becoming a single Body-Province.


An important point was to reflect on the care of our elderly Sisters. Rekha gave us some interesting points on how to prepare ourselves to grow old in the style of St. Marie Eugenie, something we can all do from now on, whatever our age and situation:

  1. Don't grow old with bad habits, work on them before time moves on.
  2. Focus on the essentials and on the love of our consecrated life.
  3. Grow in humility before the gaze of God.
  4. Accept not being able to do anything
  5. Be faithful daily to the charism, in the three poles of our life, in love.


Sister Ana Sentíes

Community of Querétaro